Documenting the COVID pandemic on the blockchain


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Stories of fighters, stories of survivors

CoronaCoin (COVID) is an ERC20-compliant deflationary, non-mintable token, that tracks the coronavirus pandemic in the blockchain.

Everyday the story of an honorable fallen brother , the story of virtuous figthers or other related news, is stored into the blockchain database where it will remain until the last Ethereum node is shut down.

In commemorative fashion, a burn transaction, equal to the number of our fallen brothers and sisters, is committed at the end of every week 🕯

Why CoronaToken?

It's Deflationary

Tokens are burned every 7 days based on the number of fatalities reported by the WHO.

It's for Charity

CoronaCoin benefits COVID-19 relief efforts.

We have reserved 1 billion COVID tokens for charity!

Every week, we will convert these into hard cash and distrubute them in term of supplies to hospitals, donations to the red cross and masks to essential workers.

It's Fun!

Quarantine can be tough to survive alone.

Quarantine can be tough to survive alone. COVID token holders can play fun games against each other to try and win more COVID tokens!

This is coming soon, so keep an eye on our Discord for updates!

Press Inquiries

If you'd like to do an interview with a member of the dev team, or you just have a few questions about the project, feel free to get in touch with us. We respond to most inquiries within 24 hours, but if you'd like a more immediate response, you can also try any of our social media platforms to contact a team member.